Saturday, January 6, 2007

El Nino

I love winter. I actually love all the seasons, that is one of the things that brought me to New York as opposed to the west coast. Today is January 6th and it is 72 degrees outside. All week people have been talking about the upcoming weekend like good gossip. "Did you hear what might be reaching 70 degrees soon?" I thought I was excited about this, I have certainly been telling people all week how excited I was. But in reality I find myself actually missing snow. And not the Toronto born reggae rapper. Actually I take that back, sometimes when I am drunk enough and find myself in Murray Hill bars at night the song 'Informer' makes me happy.

I got out of bed this morning with all intents to hit the city on this fantastic day. I was actually getting ready to head out the door but before I could I noticed "Legal Eagles" was on HBO and decided to watch that instead. When I saw it on the guide, even though it clearly said "Legal Eagles" I got it confused with the Louis Gossett Jr vehicle "Iron Eagle". I was a bit hung over and it actually took me about 30 seconds to realize this was not the movie I was thinking of. I actually said out loud waiting to see a jet fighter "I don't remember Robert Redford in this movie". Of course I still watched the whole thing.

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