Miss Nueva York Miss America 2019

Miss America New York
Miss New York, Nia Imani Franklin, won the title Miss America 2019 in Atlantic City on Sunday, in a contest for the first time there was no parade in a bathing suit.

"I'm glad I did not have to do it to win this title tonight because I'm more than just that," Franklin said of the parade in a bathing suit after the event. "And all these women on stage are more than just that."

The decision to eliminate competition in swimsuits aroused great controversy and criticism of the current direction of Miss America. Minutes before the broadcast, when a comedian who entertained the crowd mentioned that there would be no competition in swimsuit there was a loud booing in the audience.

That parade was replaced by on-stage interviews and the contestants drew attention with statements about President Donald Trump and the protests of NFL players, among other issues.

With his crown, Franklin resumed the series of triumphs that the state has had in the last years in the contest. Miss New York, Mallory Hagan, Nina Davuluri and Kira Kazantsev won the title from 2013 to 2015.

Miss America New York
Apart from the title, Franklin received a $ 50,000 scholarship as a prize.

Franklin's theme in the contest was "defending the arts." Franklin, a classical music singer, played a selection of pieces from the opera La Boheme on Sunday night.

Franklin's theme in the contest was "defending the arts." Franklin, a classical music singer, played a selection of pieces from the opera La Bohemia on Sunday night.

The judges selected the finalists from among 51 candidates during the contest held on the stage of the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall.

America New York New York

The greatest city in the whole world !!!...

New York, the first city in the US to limit Uber-type services

The Council of the City of New York approved on Wednesday a moratorium of one year in the delivery of new licenses for transport services type Uber, based on applications installed in cell phones.

The one-year moratorium calls for a study to analyze the impact of private transportation services offered in New York by companies that also include Lyft, Juno and Gett, among others.

The Council also voted to establish a minimum wage for drivers, similar to that received by drivers of yellow and black taxis in the city.

The limit on the growth of these companies, as well as the obligation they will have to offer a minimum wage to their employees, could serve as a model for other cities in the United States and the world, according to The New York Times.

"We are pausing the issuance of new licenses in an industry that has been allowed to proliferate without proper controls or regulations," said Corey Johnson, president of the New York City Council.

Johnson added that the intention is to support and encourage drivers of private transportation services, making sure they receive enough salaries to support their families. Mayor Bill de Blasio has supported legislation in this regard, and is expected to sign it.

The prestigious New York University offers a career in medicine completely free

The institution will cover the annual tuition of $ 55,000 for current and future students without distinction of merit or financial need, in an attempt to prevent young people being scared off by the high costs of the profession. The program will require 600 million dollars in donations.

The School of Medicine of the prestigious New York University announced on Thursday that from now on will offer completely free medical career, both for students already enrolled and for future applicants, and without distinction of merit or economic need.

"When you look at the median debt of medical students at the time of graduation, it's getting to the point where it impacts the workforce of doctors," said Rafael Riviera, associate dean of admissions and financial aid at the private US institution.

With tuitions that reach US $ 55,000 a year throughout the country, Riviera ensures that the offer will attract students who are scared away by this huge number when it comes to pursuing their vocation and who end up choosing more accessible study programs.

"Young people are in high school or college and think about what they want to do, they think medicine is a great career opportunity for them, they love the material, but they see that number and think, 'Well, you know, it should be better think of something else. "And for me that is a loss for society," he said.

Riviera also highlighted another problem. "Once people start studying medicine, we do not want debt to be a factor when it comes to deciding specialization," he explained, citing the case of pediatrics and research, very necessary but unprofitable options.

Because of the high costs involved in university education, especially in frontline institutions, in the United States it is usual for students to get into debt to pay for their studies. After graduating, they begin to repay the loan, but many times the returns of professional life are not enough to carry this weight.

According to the American Association of Medical Universities, one out of every five medical students in private institutions graduates with a debt of more than $ 300,000. At NYU, the percentage of students who graduate with debt reaches 62% and an average of 187,000 dollars.

With this announcement, NYU becomes the only prestigious university in the United States to offer the race for free, and Riviera hopes that other institutions will soon do the same.

To finance the program, the university has raised 450 million dollars in philanthropic donations, out of a total of 600 million that it considers necessary to ensure the sustainability of the project in the future.

However, although this covers all education costs, students are expected to be responsible for paying their support in New York City during the years of study, an expense estimated at $ 27,000 per year.

The NYU medical school is ranked third among the best universities in the United States, in a tie with Stanford University, and behind Johns Hopkins University (2) and Harvard (1).

NYU currently has 350 students enrolled in their medical school, according to the New York Times. Across the country, the number rises to 22,000.

New York will have the first underground park in the world

New York will have a green space hidden in the subsoil: Lowline, the future park in southern Manhattan that will become a reality in 2020.

Inspired by the famous Highline Park, this project is about some old tram tracks that run up to three blocks underground and are now transformed into a public park that will live under the famous American island, a somewhat more futuristic version of what we are accustomed.

Solar light underground

The new concept that seeks to revolutionize the way parks are designed, will house around three thousand types of plants and the most important challenge in this project is to achieve that light reaches a closed and dark space. According to the revealed information of the project, this will be achieved through a fiber optic technology and mirrors that filter the sunlight from the roof of the building to the green areas that are inside.

Likewise, in the streets of New York solar collectors will be installed that during the day will reflect it in a homogeneous way for the underground space. The project promoted by James Ramsey and Dan Barasch guarantee that there will be the necessary sunlight supply for plants to achieve natural photosynthesis, even in the coldest months.

At the moment it is a project that is still in the planning phase and seeks to raise 60 million dollars to raise the green space, even when it is in this facet, the protagonists of the work, consider that by 2020 it will be a reality.

Some curious facts about New York

  • The Dutch explorer Peter Minuit bought the island of Manhattan from the Algonquin tribe in exchange for trinkets and tools worth about $ 24.
  • New York was called at first New Amsterdam and was founded as a commercial port by the Dutch.
  • New York was the capital of the United States from 1789 to 1790.
  • New Yorkers take an average of 40 minutes to go to work each day.
  • More than 47 percent of New York residents speak a language other than English at home.
  • 36 percent of the population of New York City was born outside the United States.
  • The Central Park of New York is larger than the principality of Monaco.
  • The average price of an apartment in Manhattan is 1.5 million dollars.
  • The yellow taxis of New York are of that color because John Hertz, founder of the company, learned through a study that yellow was the color most easily perceived by the human eye.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank on Wall Street in New York contains vaults 80 meters deep that hold about 25 percent of the world's gold bullion.
  • Around 50 million tourists visit New York every year.
  • The average daily rate for hotel rooms in New York is $ 267.
  • Hong Kong is the only city with more skyscrapers built than New York City.
  • The Brooklin Bridge was the first bridge in the world lit with electric street lamps.
  • The Brooklyn Children's Museum was the first museum in the world built for children.
  • An average of 4.9 million people use the New York subway every day.
  • The New York subway system consists of 26 lines with 6,200 convoys that stop at 468 different stations.
  • Unlike most of the world's metros, the New York Subway operates 24 hours a day.
  • There are more than 12,700 (official) taxis in New York.
  • There are more than 18,600 restaurants and fast food outlets in New York. The average cost of a dinner is $ 39.43.
  • New York City has more than 4,000 street food stalls.
  • More than 250 films are filmed in New York every year.
  • Genaro Lombardi opened the first pizzaria in New York in 1895.
  • The Chinatown of New York is the most populated Chinese enclave of the Western Hemisphere.
  • According to the 2011 census, 8,200,000 people live in New York City.
  • Approximately 790,000 companies operate in New York City.

An Indian hanging from the Empire State

Many metropolises of the world are cut by the same pattern: buildings of cement, brick, steel and glass, monolithic facades, rows and rows of skyscrapers. What betrays that this advertising photo of 1951 corresponds to New York? In the center the television antenna that crowns the Empire State is distinguished. And, comfortably sitting in the middle of the antenna, as if moving up there was the most natural thing in the world, there is a Mohawk Indian, a metal worker. At the end of the 1880s, a Canadian company specializing in bridge construction hired several Mohawks from the Kahnawake Reserve, near Montreal, to work on a construction site.

The members of that tribe turned out to be immune to vertigo even in the most extreme heights and, in the words of a manager of the company, "agile as goats". That fame earned them job offers in the United States; Mohawks are still traveling to Canada to perform "high" jobs.

Over the last century generations of Mohawks working in the metal sector have been hired to build almost all of New York's skyscrapers and bridges. For their poise when walking on the steel beams at dizzying heights they have earned a reverential nickname: the "eagles of construction."

New York will be the city with the largest free WiFi in the world

The Spanish company GOWEX has just announced that it will turn New York into the largest citizen network of free wireless Internet connection. Thanks to the deployment of more than 1950 Smart WiFi Zones distributed throughout the city, its 20 million inhabitants and the more than 50 million annual tourists that visit the city will be able to connect to the web without paying a dollar.

The Internet is, for many, absolutely indispensable. From hotels to cafés, clubs or libraries offer different forms of access but, what if a whole city had wireless Internet access and free? It is precisely what the GOWEX company will launch. The new network called FREEWiFiGOWEX will allow the downloading of data from 3G networks through Gowex networks, offered thanks to the 1,953 WiFi points distributed throughout New York.

The connection offered by the company has certain specifications adapted to the gigantic city. To access the network, users must download the application available on their portable devices, where a map of Wi-Fi points as well as news thematic channels, municipal information, etc. will appear. In this way the download of data can reach 1Mb of connection speed for free users. In addition, the network will allow offloading, that is, downloading data from 3G networks through GOWEX connection points, which, according to the company, "will help operators to decongest their network; a pressing problem in various parts of New York due to the high number of connections and users in many of its areas. "

But it does not finish here. To the almost 70 cities in which GOWEX offers WiFi all over the world (among which are Paris, Dublin and Madrid) other American cities will soon be joining. According to the CEO of GOWEX, Jenaro García, "the launch of New York is just one step in the GOWEX strategy that, in the near future, will be implemented in the United States with more than three cities this year."

One of the tallest skyscrapers in New York: Floyd Mayweather's new real estate business

Floyd Mayweather is 41 years old, he is a multimillionaire and since he retired from boxing he also has too much free time. Apparently, in his life, it's not just the parties and the casinos, but also the investments.

Up to now there are two businesses that are known to him: he is the owner of the TMT clothing brand and is the owner of a stippers club in Las Vegas. On the other hand, he is also in charge of promoting young boxing promises.

Now, a new business was known to be joined by the former boxing world champion: he will join a real estate project in New York. The building is already under construction and is located in East Midtown New York, next to the Grand Central Terminal.

Mayweather himself was the one who confirmed the news in dialogue with the Youtube channel Fight Hype, where he said it will be the largest skyscraper in Manhattan. However, this is not true.

The One Vanderbilt will measure 427 meters and although it will surpass the Empire State by 381 meters, it will be lower than the One World Trade Center (541 meters) and two that are still under construction: the 111 West 57th Street (438 meters) and the Central Park Tower (470 meters).

The building in which he will deposit his Mayweather millions will be inaugurated in 2020 and will have 58 floors, a glass facade and would be connected to the Grand Central Terminal in an underground way.

Finding a job in New York

For those who have wondered how to look for a job in New York City, here are some options.

One of the most widespread and comfortable ways to find a job in New York is through the web portals of employment, here are the main job seekers in New York:

Monster, this portal in addition to offering a job seeker, and a section of job offers, has interesting tips on how to take advantage of your career.
Careerbuilder, a US employment agency that operates in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and South America.
Nationjob, American employment network with specific categories.
Theladders, is a portal that requires membership.
Newyorkjobs, specific job seeker in NY.
Another option to find employment in New York is to go to their Job Fairs, a widespread practice in the US.

A job fair or career expo is an exhibition of employers, recruiters and schools to meet potential job seekers.

There you can take your Curriculum and deliver it in the different booths of employers or organizations.

A job fair is a good place to meet many representatives of companies from all sectors in a short period of time. In them you can interact and get contact information that can be useful for your professional career.

In New York, Employment Fairs are held in different areas.

Another way to look for a job in New York may be to go to Employment Agencies, this option costs money and is not always reliable, so you should be careful when you trust one of the many offices that provide this service, more even if you do not master English perfectly.

In NY there are many employment agencies and their prices vary from one to another. Many foreigners who live in New York do not recommend its use and prefer the traditional job search, that is, go directly to the employer with your Curriculum Vitae and wait for a job interview.

If you love the multiculturalism of the city, the New York lifestyle and you want to belong to the inhabitants of the Big Apple you can start looking for the job done for you. This city has it all!