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New York, the first city in the US to limit Uber-type services

The Council of the City of New York approved on Wednesday a moratorium of one year in the delivery of new licenses for transport services type Uber, based on applications installed in cell phones.

The one-year moratorium calls for a study to analyze the impact of private transportation services offered in New York by companies that also include Lyft, Juno and Gett, among others.

The Council also voted to establish a minimum wage for drivers, similar to that received by drivers of yellow and black taxis in the city.

The limit on the growth of these companies, as well as the obligation they will have to offer a minimum wage to their employees, could serve as a model for other cities in the United States and the world, according to The New York Times.

"We are pausing the issuance of new licenses in an industry that has been allowed to proliferate without proper controls or regulations," said Corey Johnson, president of the New York City Council.

Johnson added that the intention is to support and encourage drivers of private transportation services, making sure they receive enough salaries to support their families. Mayor Bill de Blasio has supported legislation in this regard, and is expected to sign it.